The Impacts of Foreclosure Versus a Short Sale

In the currently rough economic climate, many homeowners may be faced with a difficult choice. While retaining their homes might not prove feasible, choosing the best option for disposal of that real estate has significant implications for their future credit, financial stability, and solvency. This … [More...]

I Can’t Afford My House.

How Do I Sell It? Today, there are millions of people dealing with financial constraints. They may have accumulated medical bills due to an illness or have lost their jobs and are without pay. Unfortunately, this can cause individuals to default of credit cards, get behind on their car payments, … [More...]

A Landmark Real Estate Case

In late 2012, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in the case of U. S. Bank vs. Ibanez that the plaintiffs had failed to produce any documents proving that they were the holders of the mortgage at the time when the defendant, the U. S. Bank National Association, had foreclosed on the … [More...]